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Bitch ass faggets

2009-12-23 14:44:50 by traumatik1

All the artists that ive already talked to..this aint to u..this to all the pussy mark ass bamas who KNO i ripped the beat and STILL zerod me..yall aint even got the fuckin balls to leave a review and tell me u gave me zeroes...CUZ U KNO ILL COME BACK wit a bomb track about how u all love nut sack fuckin gum flappers..I WISH i could see u in real life..Id beat ya lil similac sippin asses back into pampers..i could give a fuck keep hatin, u still givin me attention which is all i need..i kno wat i got..soon as the rite ears hear my shit im comin after u cowards..REAL RECOGNIZE REAL so i aint trippin..yall can zero my shit an try to keep people from hearin it..but in the end they gonna weed out the weenies and the real muhfuckas gonna run sad to see this place is filled wit lil jealous pussies whose only talent is beatin off..tryin to judge hip hop..yall prolly some scrawny lil suburban white kids who bump Bow Wow..get the fuck outta white but guess wat? i got the heart of a lion, think im lyin, leave u lyin BUKKA if u on the east coast and wanna hate on me..get at me..ill take a train to beat that bich ass..IF U GON ZERO ME AT LEAST GROW SOME NUTS AND TELL ME WHO U IS SO I CAN FUCK U UP ON THE TRACK..OR IF U WANNA TAKE IT THERE I'LL SEE U AND PUNCH A HOLE THRU YA FACE..~1~


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2009-12-23 14:47:26

People may not like your flashes, deal with it.

(Updated ) traumatik1 responds:

fuck you ill slap u wit my floppy cock


2009-12-24 13:49:38

lol...nice blurb up there. Yea imfamous zero bombers blow!


2009-12-26 12:25:06

T you gotta take into consideration that their afraid, jealous and upset. N***as is floppin all over the place and they need to give great artists a zero so they can sleep better at night.

REAL over fAKe

traumatik1 responds:

ahaa yea sweet dreams to the todlers


2010-01-08 15:55:09

Don't stress these faggot ass n***a man.... these nerds will forever be hating... trust me... i been here for 6 years....


2010-01-09 00:10:00

ps - ive been voting on your music, tryna recover you from the hate.

traumatik1 responds:

good looks yo..ur new track is fire!


2010-01-10 11:25:45

word I gotchu, good shit tho sounds good 2 me=)