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I love you Haters

2010-01-14 10:55:32 by traumatik1

Its just so funny to me..i got Murs of Rhymesayers ENT sayin my swags dope..i got groupies in states ive never even been to like Idaho and Wyoming, not mention The Workshops got Salt Lake City on LOCK..IM NOT SAYIN IM THE SHIT, i AM my hardest critic but i been told i got MAD potential by people who already made it..and you haters hatin only solidifies that fact. I love you haters so much! it really makes my day knowing as soon as u see my submission on the charts u vote it down to keep your own submissions safe..on the real foreal the only people on this site i fucks wit, is Lejin, Cajete, RKV, RemixF2d, MseeMerc, and the select other few ..The rest of yall r WACK ass keyboard pushin lil faggets..HATE ON ME ALL DAY PLEASE FEEL FREE!!!! IMA KEEP DOIN ME, and I'll SEE U IN VEGAS me blow ya fuckin mind pussies xD


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2010-01-18 12:06:41

I hate n***as voting ppl's music down and voting their own stuff up, I don't understand why they vote your shit down, your stuff is dope bro.